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Part 1 - Modules

During Part 1 of the MRes (October-December) students undertake a combination of core and elective modules. Between them, the modules give students a world-leading background in the theory of gas turbine aerodynamics as well as the practical side of both experimental and computational research.

Core modules

Foundation concepts (Introductory course) 
Syllabus includes: types of turbomachine; governing equations; fluid properties; performance metrics; compressible flow; non-dimensional analysis of turbomachinery.

Advanced turbomachinery aerodynamics (Flagship MRes course in advanced aerodynamic concepts) 
Syllabus includes: combustor aerodynamics; compressor stability; heat transfer and cooling concepts; loss mechanisms in turbomachines; three-dimensional flows and three-dimensional blade design concepts; transonic axial flow fan design

Turbomachinery aerodynamic design process (Fundamentals, and hands-on experience, of computational methods for blade design) 
Syllabus includes: hierarchy of numerical methods: mean-line; throughflow; blade profile design; three-dimensional single row; multi-stage steady; multi-stage unsteady.

Experimental methods (Practical course in experimental fluid dynamics) 
Syllabus includes: uncertainty and error; data acquisition; pressure measurement; aerodynamic probes; thermal anemometry; laser anemometry; signal conditioning and processing

Researcher skills (Non-technical skills needed for successful research) 
Syllabus includes: planning research projects; time management; technical writing; presentation skills

Elective modules

Students choose two modules from those on offer by Engineering and related departments at the University of Cambridge. Students who have not already done so will be encouraged to select: 4A2 - Computational fluid dynamics; and 4A3 - Turbomachinery.  

Advanced Methods Seminar Series

During Michaelmas term, there is a series of seminars from world-leading experts on state-of-the-art techniques for both computational and experimental design and research in gas turbines. These seminars are designed to enhance and complement the content of the modules, but are non-examinable. Previous topics have included: (Very) high temperature probes, Optimisation techniques for turbomachinery and Optical techniques for fluid flow measurements.